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Middle School is designed to prepare students for high school and beyond. At Agape, we provide students with the necessary skills to transition into high school and Montessori education concepts.


We use a variety of curriculums to help students’ master skills and stay current with national standards. We teach the A Beka curriculum in many subject areas. A Beka provides a foundation for academic success and Christian character building. In math, A Beka encourages students to develop and build concrete concepts. We strongly recognize and promote the importance of writing in all subject areas. Agape incorporates Shurley English which teaches grammar through song. Students learn, sing, and use jingles to help classify parts of speech. They also build and write detailed oriented sentences that lead to writing essays and research papers.


One aspect of a Montessori education is the teaching of practical life skills. We strive to implement hands-on activities in our classrooms. Our middle school students participate in weekly science labs that allow them to gain background knowledge in biology and chemistry. Furthermore, we go on field trips that align with our curriculum and assist students in exploring careers in preparation for both high school and college.


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