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Kindergarten is an adventure of experiences designed to lay the foundation for a life-time of learning and growing. At Agape we provide this foundation using traditional and Montessori concepts in the classroom.


Our Kindergarten class uses the A Beka curriculum in most academic areas. The students learn to read quickly using the phonics and A Beka teaches. We also use the A Beka math curriculum. It teaches counting and recognizing numbers through 100, adding and subtracting concepts, telling time and learning about money.


We are adding new standards to our classrooms at this time. Reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language are the areas that are targeted in this new addition to our curriculum. Using these fundamentals, teachers provide students with a variety of tools and knowledge to help meet the goals set for them. We are finding creative and interesting was to bring these standards into our classrooms.


We believe that kindergarteners learn through experience and experimentation. Therefore, we continue to use centers, free play and other Montessori concepts in the classroom to help encourage their love of discovery. We play outside at least twice a day and go on several field trips throughout the year.


Our goal for your child is to cultivate a love of learning and school. We want to inspire children to succeed and to always see education as an interesting and fulfilling part of their life.

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