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Elementary school is the foundation that determines a child's academic success. We believe that a true love of learning starts in elementary. The early years of a child's education are vitally important.


Agape uses the A Beka curriculum in most academic areas. A Beka's approach to education keeps learning engaging, interesting, and memorable. Our students are drilled daily in Math. Our educators use flash cards, digital media, and a variety of methods to teach concepts in Math. The skills build each year and our students begin learning Algebra in third grade. The students read using phonetics that A Beka teaches. The books they read effectively enforce phonic skills. Agape also uses Shurley English which teaches language through song, helping them learn concepts and skills that teach them to write. First graders learn to diagram sentences and by fourth grade, our students have to learn to compose five paragraph essays.


In addition to the A Beka curriculum, we have implemented new fundamentals into our classrooms. Elementary students ready a variety of literature, thus, gaining the ability to retell stories including details to demonstrate understanding. With guidance and support, our students write written responses to topics. Further, they are capable of providing details and illustrations as supporting evidence. These standards help each child master skills and have a more well-rounded education.


Our goal is to prepare our students for middle school. We believe our students will transition well and excel in their pursuit of higher educations.


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