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A  Montessori classroom is a world specially prepared for children. Children move about and choose materials from easily accessible shelves. They work on floor mats or at small tables. Some examples of activity centers include counting and stacking centers, sandpaper letters, listening centers and other manipulatives.


The goal of our Toddler Montessori classroom is to cultivate a child’s own natural desire to learn and to create positive attitudes towards learning, friends and their environment. In our classroom children engage in hands-on activity, music and song, group time and personal care. We also introduce letters, numbers, shapes and colors on a daily basis using the A Beak curriculum and Montessori concepts.


Practical  Life Skills:

  • Control of Movement-

    • Pouring, Scooping & Spooning, Transferring Work (hand &fingers), Sorting (colors, shapes & sizes)

  • Personal Care - 

    • Scrubbing & Washing, Dressing Frames (zippers, buttons, etc)

  • Care of Environment -

    • Sweeping & Mopping, Dusting, Polishing Mirrors


Sensorial Skills:

Playing in Sand, Finger Painting, Sound Boxes, Tasting


Math Skills

Stacking and Nesting Cubes, Number Blocks, Puzzles, Sorting and Counting Materials


Language Skills:

Matching Work, Picture Sequencing, Classification Materials


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